Monday, 21 July 2014

Hemantha Kalam - 25 'Thank You, All!'

It is exactly on the 21st July, a year ago, that I had started writing my blogs under the Column titled ‘Hemantha Kalam’.

My first post gave the explanation on this title. Ever since almost every fortnight I wrote a blog and unleashed it on some 2000 and odd friends and well-wishers.

I am not sure how many of those poor victims remain to be my friends and well-wishers now, after the regular bombardment of what I think would be useful and interesting reads.

During the year, I did, indeed, receive a bit of ‘Fan Mail’ so that I can still be left with the hope that I can write and that what I write can be meaningful; at least to some.
It was indeed very gratifying to see, from the ‘stats’ of the Blogspot site, that every day my writings were being read across the globe and also in those countries where I have no contacts at all. That is the power of internet, without which, I wonder, what we all would be doing!?

As I am writing this post, the collective page views for all my blogs are 4656; averaging about 13 readers / page views per day and an average 194 readers / page views per post. These figures may or may not be big but it still instills confidence in my work and my thoughts.

I had observed that audience can be classified in to the following categories of readers, who;

i) genuinely liked my blogs and encouraged me by their responses
ii) read my blogs and in exchange suggested that I read their blogs as well
iii) read my posts, liked them, but remained silent
iv) might or might not have liked, but coasted on
v) simply ignored and moved on their businesses, whatever they are
vi) explicitly asked me to get off and not to disturb them anymore
vii) must have silently fixed spam filters and ensured that not even my name is heard of   

Out of the 2000 odd recipients, to whom mails are sent by my distributing system, only about 10 requests, instructions, commands, annoyance came in asking me to remove their email IDs from my list and I had promptly complied and ensured that I would not be bothering them again.

I am indeed grateful to those who are able to still maintain relationship with me and encourage my ponderings and wanderings in writing.

During this year I had posted 24 blogs and this is my 25th post and this post is all dedicated to you for your support and most importantly for your belief in me and for valuing my writings however little that could be.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you over there.

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So until the next, 

Krutagjnatalu (Telugu), Nanri (Tamil), Dhanyavaadagalu (Kannada), Nanni (Malayalam), Dhanyavaad (Hindi), Thanks (English), Dhonyabaad (Bangla), Gracias (Spanish), Grazie (Italian), Danke Schon (Deutsche), Merci (French), Obrigado (Portuguese), Shukraan (Arabic), Shukriya (Urdu), Sthoothiy (Sinhalese) Aw-koon (Khmer), Kawp Jai Lhai Lhai (Laotian), Kob Kun Krab (Thai) and Asante (Kiswahili), Maraming Salamat sa Lahat (Pinoy-Tagalog-Filipino).


Hemantha Kumar Pamarthy

Chennai, India

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