Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hemantha Kalam -1 Why should I write a blog?

Why should I write a blog? 

If at all, why should I publish? 

These two questions literally put me away from blogging all these years, ever since the blogging fad got on.

But suggestions from a few of my family members and some good friends that I should start blogging made me think again. And then came the introduction of "Seth Godin" from my very dear Sheen F. Stanley [I would love to see Sheen's face when he is reading this and especially when he is reading his name :-) but sorry folks it is a private joke between the two of us].

Having received some invaluable thoughts from the blogs of "Seth Godin", as also from my sister and my daughter, I have decided to take the plunge.

And then came the challenge of writing under what caption? 

Being a B'Ad' guy, I also needed to choose the type of font, size, page setting etc., within the available means. Tech-Nerds like me can have a difficult time in doing these "nitty-gritty" things. But choosing a name was not so much of a challenge and I have decided on "Hemantha Kalam"

Now this first blog, of mine, essentially is to explain why the name "Hemantha Kalam"

So hold on to your seats and travel with me. You will be amused, to say the least. :-)

The word "Hemantha" in Sanskrit actually means "end of snow" [It is Hima (snow) and Antha (end) ]. And Hemantha is the name of the "Winter" season in India. I am disappointed; here I am, supposed to end the snow and thus cold, but the season is termed "winter" and not "spring" which it should be and which I would have preferred much. This conflict seems to be quite symbolic with all conflicts and confusions my life was filled with, anyway. :-)

(Later I have been informed that it is the word 'Hima' (snow) + 'Hantha' (kill) and thus Hemantha meaning Killing snow or winter)

The same name, again in Sanskrit, also means End of Gold. Hema (gold) and Antha (end). Yes, all of you guessed it right. There is no gold beyond me. Yes sir, I am the dead end of / for Gold. :-) :-) :-)

Having tried to reasonably explain about "Hemantha", now let me proceed with "Kalam"

The word "Kalam", in Urdu, means Pen. Since these blogs are to be "penned" by "Hemantha" it is "Hemantha Kalam"

If the word is pronounced as "Kalaam", in Urdu, it means a piece of poetic writing. How poetic my writings are going to be I am not sure, but I do wish to test it with my captive audience as much as poets do with their poetry. So it is "Hemantha Kalaam" :-)

If the word is pronounced as "Kaalam" it has two sides. 

One is, it means "Time", when translated from the south Indian languages. So these blogs of mine are something to be like "Times" :-) "Hemantha Times" 

The other side is "Kaalam" rhymes with "Column" so it is Hemantha's "Column". Howzzdat? :-)

Now that you know how much went into the selection of the name, you do not need to be assured that only quality stuff could be coming your way through these blogs. It is anybody's guess, including mine.

At this point of time, I am pondering whether I should hit with fortnightly blogs or weekly ones or just at random. Depending on the responses received from across, if at all, the readers' "Kaalam" (time) would be decided. :-)

Till then, 

Krutagjnatalu, Nanri, Dhanyavaadagalu, Nanni, Dhanyavaad, Thanks, Dhonyabaad, Gracias, Grazie, Danke Schon, Obrigado, Shukraan, Shukriya, Aw-koon, Kawp Jai Lhai Lhai.

Hemantha Kumar Pamarthy
Chennai, India