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Hemantha Kalam - 5 'Miss'es who did not Miss / Mess!

Hemantha Kalam

'Miss'es who did not Miss / Mess!

While going through the Telugu Newspaper "Eenaadu" during the last one week, among the daily burning issue of "Should Andhra Pradesh Split or Not", and the 50 odd day old spontaneous campaigns from all 13 districts of Andhra Seema or Seemandhra, tucked in into the centre pages were two cool and interesting news items that could not be 'Miss'ed as they 'naturally' attracted attention.

The news pertained to announcements of Miss America and Miss District of Columbia for 2013.

So how is it a great news in India and especially to you, when you are a man nearing the Indian line of re-birth (60 years of age)? 

Well, for one thing, both the contestants poised to win (bout a week ago) were Indian and the second was that they are Andhra Originating Americans. But adding more interest is that one 'Miss' shares her surname (though spelled slightly differently) with yours faithfully.

By the time I am writing this blog, both of them have won their respective titles. Ms. Nina Davuluri, 24, the Miss New York 2013, hailing from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh origins, as Miss America 2014 and Ms. Bindu Pamarthi, 23, the Miss District of Columbia 2013 also a competent in the Miss America Pageant.

Seeing Nina dance to a Bollywood fusion number, one could also see the audience going into raptures-beauty or no beauty :-) 

Congratulations and Best wishes to both of them!

While it, indeed, is an interesting news, it is not all that strange or surprising as the Andhra Pradesh women are known for their beauty and for a very long time have been ruling the Indian filmdom till a bevy of beauties from all over the country and especially from Northern India marched over and took fort.

But what was interesting is the two Indian origin-Andhra Pradesh origin beauties being crowned around the same time of the year and that too in America! Of course the pageant was also followed by racist tweeting and apparent nasty comments over other social media channels. 

But that the judges could decide 'beyond', gives hope, with caution, for future such activities.

So until again, 

Krutagjnatalu, Nanri, Dhanyavaadagalu, Nanni, Dhanyavaad, Thanks, Dhonyabaad, Gracias, Grazie, Danke Schon, Merci, Obrigado, Shukraan, Shukriya, Aw-koon, Kawp Jai Lhai Lhai.

Hemantha Kumar PamarthyChennai, India

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